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I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help and support over these past few months. I felt really safe and comfortable in your environment and the journey I’ve been on since when I began has been really remarkable. It has been a pleasure to come and spend some time with you every couple of weeks. Thank you again xxx

A – Norwich

I called on Jo at a particularly difficult time in my life. I believed that I could not get over the death of my husband some 4/5 years earlier. I was angry, resentful and so very, very sad at the situation I had been left in. Through discussion I learned that actually, the problem was deeper than this, and went back to my childhood. I learned so much about myself – who I am, and what shaped me to be the person I am today. Once I was able to appreciate myself for who I was, I was able (with Jo’s guidance) to make positive changes to my life. As well as learning about myself, Jo helped me to understand the personality types of others – how to identify them, how to understand what makes them ‘tick’ and how to communicate effectively with them. This has particularly helped me when ‘negotiating’ with my children – a very valuable skill when I am outnumbered!

S – Attleborough

I first started seeing Jo at the end of January 2015. I felt so down about my life at that time that I like a lot of people, I couldn’t possibly picture feeling any differently. I wouldn’t have been able to imagine how I’d feel after beginning sessions with Jo. She is friendly, approachable and makes you feel 100% at ease. With Jo’s help, I now have a job that I enjoy, hobbies that I like and have learnt to deal with my anxiety issues more effectively. Jo has not only been there for me during appointments, but whenever I have needed her. She has a very personal approach and makes you feel like a very valued client. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone.

J – Norwich

I visited Jo for professional guidance at a major crossroads in both my personal life / career pathway at the age of 38. Her coaching has been exceptional, providing me with both guidance and emotional strength whilst I work towards new and positive outcomes for my life. From my current experience Jo’s philosophy of coaching is completely person-centred.

Surprisingly, Jo’s skill set focused primarily on my personal life, which is clearly relevant to my future career. This has given me invaluable insight that previously I had not considered.

The unexpected task of homework was certainly not able to be ‘ Googled’!!! It has however ensured time for personal reflection so that I gained from the one to one sessions.

I would highly recommend Jo to anyone seeking support or coaching and I envisage her being part of my life for some time!

C – Norwich

I worked with Jo for over 2 years in a new job as a young professional, Jo coached me through my job helping me self discover & build confidence not only in my career but in life’s everyday challenges.  There are many aspects to Jo’s style but 1 thing I feel is a unique talent is her way of understanding & passion for life.  My 2 years being taught, coached & supported by Jo were a great experience & I can’t thank her enough.

H- Wymondham

I’ve been working for the same financial institution for the past 6 years. I’m currently a Financial Consultant but I’ve also been a Branch Manager and Senior Banking Adviser in that time, none of which would have been possible without Jo. I had been with the company a few months and close to quitting before I met Jo and what a difference that made. I went from under performer to top performer in a matter of weeks. Jo invested so much in me personally to build back up my confidence and realise my true potential. It’s impossible not to be successful with Jo’s support and guidance. Jo has a positive influence over people personally and professionally as she invests so much into people. She’ll never let you fail at anything and Jo had a massive effect on both my professional career and personal life. I will be forever grateful for how much Jo has developed me as a young professional in the workplace and helped to shape my life.

K – Dereham

I had the pleasure of having Jo as my line manager for approximately 12 months in a previous role I held in the Banking Industry. In this time Jo helped me understand a huge amount around self motivation, influencing a team and man management. Working with Jo daily allowed me to feel more confident when overcoming objections (work & at home) as Jo was so approachable and would help me realise I was able to overcome any issues I had. Jo managed to do this through many different techniques, whether it is helping overcoming objections via SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based), Root Cause Analysis or how to conduct a positive one-to-one coaching session.

The rapport I had with Jo and the people in the team involved was second to none and it was obvious Jo had spent a considerable amount of time and effort to accomplish and build this successful team.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jo, I believe Jo played a huge part in making me a successful manager and a better, more confident person today.

L – Kings Lynn

Jo was the best coach that I have ever had. She helped me to grow and develop in my professional career, and this was all whilst I was going through a very difficult time in my personal life which she was really supportive and understanding about. Thank you Jo for all the help and support you have given me.

M – Dereham

Jo really helped me to develop my career in Financial Services. She held regular coaching sessions which not only helped me to fine tune my skills relevant to my role, but beyond that, she also helped me to progress in my career. She made me think about what my goals were, and where I wanted to be in the future, and what I needed to achieve to give myself the best chance of success. She was instrumental in enabling me to pursue and achieve my aspirations to ultimately change career, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a manager/coach to anyone.

N- Lowestoft

Jo helped me identify a clear career path with realistic time lines. I was an average salesman expecting my first child, with no idea how I could further my career due to my lack of skills and not knowing how to manage. Jo helped me identify my strengths and weakness with many honest coaching sessions, she helped me gain confidence in myself by allowing me to learn without fear and almost embraced my mistakes as she taught me these needed to happen for me to take myself forward. Jo installed belief in me and developed me in a style that always kept me engaged. Through her coaching I managed to better manage myself. She helped me realise what my principles were and I stand by these each day. I have gone on to manage 3 separate branches all with bigger responsibility. I continue to learn each day and use Jo’s coaching sessions with my team. I thank Jo for investing her time in me and giving me the confidence and belief to achieve.

T– Kings Lynn

I was coached by Jo on two separate occasions and both were very productive times in my life. Through development and coaching Jo helped me achieve my potential into management, due to the trusting relationship I have kept in contact and feel I can approach Jo for help in the future.

C– Dereham

I met Jo as when I changed my job Norwich. It is always a stressful time when you start a new career, especially when you don’t fit in. It always takes time to become comfortable with your surroundings, and for managers to get to know their staff to understand and help them, but Jo persevered with me to help me become successful and happy, and over 7 years later, whereas we have both gone on to become successful in different areas, we are still in touch as friends now. She’s a fantastic listener, and loves offering advice to her ‘angels’, therefore I highly recommend Jo as a life coach, as even now she offers me tips and advice, and I truly feel like she cares about me as one of her own.

R – Norwich

Arrived to my Life Coaching session to find a ‘Happy Birthday’ Banner, a card and a gorgeous smelling candle! Thank you so much Jo Rayner. I’d also just like to recommend Jo Rayner Coaching to anyone – she has helped me no end and is an incredibly kind lady xxxx

J – Norwich

Business Coaching

We wanted to support our staff during a redundancy situation and required a person with specific skills to suit the range of individual’s needs. We “interviewed” Jo and new that her approach, skills, experiences and personality would appeal to our staff and that they would benefit from her visits. We made the right choice as we received positive feedback from all individuals who had confidential meetings with Jo. We were informed that Jo had given them the confidence to move forward and to focus on what is and will be important to them in the future. We have received several success stories from staff in new roles which we believe Jo has helped them achieve. As a caring business, this is the best outcome we could have hoped for.

Thank you Jo

Hamilton Acorn –  Attleborough

“We needed help with our sales processes and time management planning that would support our employees. Jo came in and took time to understand our business, looked at the current processes, wrote new processes and implemented them with the staff. Jo has made a big difference in how things are done and the outcomes have been very impressive. In fact Jo is now continuing to support the office on weekly basis. Very hands on, expert knowledge and would highly recommend. ”

Jonathan White
Co Founder & Managing Director Traded Network Limited – Norwich

“Jo came into our office to help organise our overall work pattern/systems and help with telesales. Not only did my confidence in picking up the phone increase, Jo also helped to organise my main database for my content writing in a way that is now extremely helpful at saving me time. Jo is brilliant at what she does, she can help with any confidence or organisation issue you may be facing at work or home ; I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know who is looking for help”

Anrika Flatman
Marketing Assistant at Traded Network Limited – Norwich

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