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Sometimes failing to plan is planning to fail

Often this one topic can cause more stress and anxiety than many others. Whether we are good at it and the stress comes through not achieving our goals or not good at it and the stress cmes though not setting any goals

I believe that our personality type is the key to understanding why this happens and how this affects our ability to firstly plan then execute the plan.

Let’s assume there are four individual personality types which I will attach a label too but really it’s the qualities when we exert them, how often and in what situations that are key. We may display a mixture of these styles however we will have one dominate behavior we tend to exhibit when we are under pressure.

The Entertainer

Seeks attention and is the life and soul of the party. Lives in the moment and are very prone to putting things off. Renowned for starting things but not finishing them and loves being with people

The Boss

Loves the sense of achievement, they are very direct and results orientated. They can become frustrated with non-like-minded people and very pragmatic but can be convinced if there is something in it for them. Very practical.

The Accountant

Loves the detail and can spend hours studying and analysing. They will get as much information as possible, will read the manual front to back and back to front. Would prefer notice for a spontaneous trip and gain satisfaction from a well executed plan.

The Best Friend a very kind person who has others best interest at heart possibly to the exclusion of their own feelings or emotions. Likes to be part of a team spurns the limelight is a real genuine good friend.

A few caveats you may be dominant in one of these types but it could be on a scale of say 1 to 10 so a 1 boss will be very different from a 10 boss.

You may be different in certain situations so you could be a boss at work but in social situations you could be a best friend. The ability to move between the four types is a skill and therefore can be worked on and improved. So by understanding our personality we can link who and why we find planning so difficult.

The Accountant – will love planning and will plan long-term and short-term goals. You may even find that a relaxing Sunday is planned to the hour.

The Boss – will plan but normally with a very pragmatic view so if there is an achievable goal or something in it for them then they will have the ability to plan.

The Entertainer – will very rarely plan anything and will use many invasive tactics to avoid planning preferring to operate in the moment.

The Best Friend – will plan but normally will need to engage others to plan and execute effectively.

Now each of these types has merits and a team involving all could be a real strong one but the reverse is often true for example an Accountant married to an Entertainer has the potential for frustration and disaster from both sides however that doesn’t mean it cant work.

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