How organised do we need to be?

This is an area of our lives we can constantly challenge and amend. We normally think about it after stressful situation, caused by a lack of planning.

Whilst listening to the radio this week it made me think about how organised should we be & is there a balance?

The presenter was talking to a very organised individual who was in the middle of finishing making her Christmas cake and had already finished her Christmas shopping, having started in July.

I found myself asking, “How would it feel if I was this organised?” Would I feel content that I was all done or sad that although the task was completed I have missed all the seasonal spirit?

I like being organised but not that organised. I like to think things through so that when I act it is considered and well thought through however we are all different so understanding our own personality traits is key.

Some people cannot rest until the task is done, some are very happy to leave things to the last minute. Ultimately either it’s okay as long as the goal is achievable and we don’t get to stressed along the way.

There are many other factors that affect our ability to be organised one of which could be the importance of the task for example planning a wedding versus planning a shopping trip. So here are a few things to think about when getting organised

Understand your own personality
Does being organised create stress or distress? Do you have a desire to change? The only person that is able to change your behaviour is you so if you are not really committed don’t try and change it will end in frustration. Understand what causes the stress so for example one of my pet hates is missing a deadline because of the amount of work & stress it creates so I will make sure that whatever I do I am organised enough to prevent the additional stress.

Make a plan write it down
Include key actions and when they need to be completed

Review the plan
Do this on a regularly basis to ensure you are on track, this could be daily, weekly, monthly or any of the above. Challenge yourself & check to see if any objectives need to be reset for example around timelines to ensure the plan is still achievable.

Easy wins
Make sure you have some easy wins taking a few things off the list will ensure you keep focused until the goal is achieved.

If others are involved communicate the plan and the timelines along with checking you are all on the same page to ensure you can manage the situation carefully and achieve your goals

Contingency plan
Do you have contingencies in your plan for example an item you have ordered is unavailable have you researched alternative suppliers and built in enough time to reorder

Engage a third party if you know you are not naturally a good organiser then do you know someone who is, can you engage them, to help debrief the plan each week,it is more likely you will stay on plan if you share your goals

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