How to change in your life?

Isn’t it always the way that whenever we are trying to instigate a positive change in our lives we are surrounded by people who either tell us we can’t or question our sanity for wanting to have a go. All of which at a time when we just need a gentle push in the right direction or some positive encouragement but instead they cast a huge shadow and make us question what on earth we were thinking of, often resulting in the status quo.


Now this might be okay in the short term but listening to these negative comments causes internal distress and ignoring or shelving the issue won’t create any type of change. Barack Obama quoted that “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek”

So how do we deal with change? I have talked about change in my previous blogs and I refer to our emotions following a number of stages until we achieve or come to terms with the actual change. So we can see change as a process we must go through and there are many tools and techniques to help us along the way.

A big part of achieving this change could be surrounding ourselves with the type of people who will be honest & support the change. Our challenge is to communicate effectively and spend time with ‘our dream team” so to make it happen we should try and have in place the following


Role models

*  Identify individuals we admire that may have already achieved the things we are looking to implement.       How can they inspire or support us?



*  Identify people who believe in us and want the best for us.

*  Identify friends/family/partners who love us unconditionally.

*  Identify friends or family who provide context and wisdom.


Authentic relationships

*  Identify people who we can rely on an who will tell us the truth, challenge us especially if we need more of a push in the right direction


So as Gail Sheehy the an American author and journalist describes “If we don’t change we don’t grow, if we don’t grow we aren’t really living”

Be the change you deserve in your life

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