The teenage years can be challenging for any parent but throw in Divorce & it’s a whole new ball game.

Reflect on how your teenager is feeling. These may include

Shocked – Not knowing why this has happened.
Sadness – Feeling lost & unable to deal with their emotions.
Anxiety – Not know what may happen.
Anger– Wanting to blame someone & unable to communicate these emotions.
Fear – The feeling of loss.
Guilt – Feeling this is their fault.
Worried- Will they be unable to find or have a good relationship in the future.
Embarrassed – What will others think?
Relief – That the home is less stressful & more peaceful.
Happiness – That they are spending quality time with each parent

Dealing with all these emotions as an adult is challenging & can take years to overcome, so how can we help our children.

It’s important that they continue to create their own identity.

Ensure they spend time with friends, activities, school work, or even a part time job. It is sometimes easy to feel frustrated when we are tired & mentally drained to run around encouraging happiness & fun but it is vital to our teenagers that they build their self esteem.

Have ground rules especially how they speak to others. Ensure they are polite & have good manners. They may have overheard arguments & have observed the loss of respect between parents.

Be careful what you share with them. Although it is important to be open & honest, choose your words carefully. It is so easy to use detrimental words about the other parents however this will only have a negative outcome for all involved.

Help restore trust. This can be very challenging however you could start by ensuring you are flexible with “parenting time” to ensure you are supporting your child rather than punishing you’re ex. This will ensure that your child’s loyalty is not compromised

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