Exhausted and Worn Out

Its all about BALANCE

Our lives and expectations to achieve are becoming out of control in this very demanding world. I have spoken to so many individuals’ men and women who only slow down when their bodies start to give up. I understand from personal experience. When I turned 40 my work and home life increased in speed and I pushed to achieve all my goals. The only way I could gain extra time was to stop focusing on me so I told myself, “I can push my body hard, I have always been a hard worker, I just need to keep pushing.” It was only when I could feel my body not recovering that I knew something was wrong. By that time it was too late I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and it had got a huge grip on my entire life and body. It has been a long hard road to achieve and maintain remission, however with some great advice from my doctor, herbalist and research from individuals who have battled with illness and stress, I am balancing life in a happier, healthy way. Their advice will stay with me for the rest of my life. Here are some disciplines that I’m trying to live by that might make an equally big impact on you

Ensure you have some you time

You must breath. If your schedule is looking full for a particular week don’t book anything else in. Ensure you have time to rest and recover. Do something you love to do and don’t feel guilty. This will create balance and remind you who you are and what things are important to you

Stop pushing

I have noticed that everything I do or work on I have to push. I have to type as fast as I can and think about the next task before I finish this one. Yoga has taught (or should I say teaching) me to become more in the moment. To enjoy the now, focus on the quality of the journey not the destination.

Exercise and rest

For me this was the turning point in my recovery. After years of not looking after myself (even though at the time I thought I was) and the drugs prescribed for my Crohn’s, I was overweight, unfit and exhausted. By having a weekly weight loss goal, an eating plan and a fitness program (which was undertaken in my garden) I regained control. The key is to have a structured realistic goal and plan, with a weekly check in. The schedule also had sleep time!! Our bodies need time to recover.

Healthy eating

Review your diet. Create a healthy eating plan to feed your body with the correct fuel. We are tempted to eat (or drink) what makes us feel better rather than what will make us better. If you would like more information or support please give me a call on 07754397859 / (01953) 602358 or alternatively email me