Do you need help with anxiety or panic attacks?

Although healthy levels of stress can be good for our motivation and well being, unhealthy stress is created from long term emotions of sadness, anger or anxiety or a range of all these emotions. There are different types of stress all of which put our bodies under pressure and in turn affects our immune system.

Stress comes from any situations in which we feel angry, anxious or sad however at times we may not be aware of what has caused these emotions and why these were triggered deep within a subconscious. These emotional triggers create a response and in some ways these responses are inherited from our experiences, environment and at times our parents. Sigmund Freud’s ego theory highlights the power of these responses.

Dealing with these emotions & regaining control is possible and you don’t have to feel alone.

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Coaching is about YOU

It is about having an open and honest conversation, in a safe confidential environment where you can reflect, revaluate & respond to your needs & put yourself first to ensure you achieve all your goals in life & live your best life.
Coaching is not about judging or criticising but learning how to unlock your full potential, raising your awareness of the strengths & talents you already have. It is about creating a shift from where you are to where you want to be.
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