When life falls apart

There is so much uncertainly in life that we should all be used to dealing with change & adapting to every situation life presents us with, however this is usually not the case. Creating times when we need help with confidence, anxiety, stress & our overall personal development.

We like things to remain the same & like the certainty that is our life. So what happens when things fall apart and how do you react?

Do you feel angry & want things to stay the same?

Does anxiety overtake your whole being which clouds your judgement, actions & decisions?

Do you have a feeling of dread & allow the negative state of play to become the norm?

Does it affect all areas of your life?

When working with clients I sometimes see the fear & doubt they have in their own ability, this is what is really holding them back rather than the situation itself.

If you are feeling sad that you are living in the past, or you ask yourself “is this all that life has to offer?” If you are fearful of what tomorrow holds or are hesitant of change here are some thoughts to consider

What if you could achieve all your goals & dreams? What would life look & feel like? A friend once said to me which has stuck with me in times of doubt “As Del boy says, He who dares wins!!”

Change doesn’t have to equal fear or doubt. Think about when change has had a positive outcome for you & what it could mean for you in the future

We all have times when we over dramatise things but our negative thoughts create an illusion which only leads us to find examples that prove the point, that it wont work or what’s the point. So STOP & think about how this negative thought process is holding you back rather than agreeing with it.

The phrase “what is the worst thing that could happen?” will of course make us stop & think about the outcomes & probably help reduce the problem. It may even help us create a plan of action to solve this but how much more positive would it be if we ask ourselves & dare to dream “what is the best thing that could happen?” and “what would life look like if this did happen?’

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Coaching is about YOU

It is about having an open and honest conversation, in a safe confidential environment where you can reflect, revaluate & respond to your needs & put yourself first to ensure you achieve all your goals in life & live your best life.

Coaching is not about judging or criticising but learning how to unlock your full potential, raising your awareness of the strengths & talents you already have. It is about creating a shift from where you are to where you want to be.

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