Thoughts pop into our minds creating our reality, which can be powerful & productive however these can also be negative & destructive.

The Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard author of “Happiness” describes,  “Thoughts, can be our best friends and our worst enemies.” These thought are like tidal waves that flood our minds without our permission.

You may be able to control these thought & maneuver your emotions to a safer place however for some this can be more challenging. The result of these changing emotions can change our view of a situation changing our reality.

Michael A Singer in his book “The untethered soul” describes, “It’s the commotion the mind makes about life that really causes the problems”

If we allow these negative thoughts to control & overpower our daily lives, do these create & become our reality?

With practice we realise that thoughts are just that. It is our thoughts that create the emotion of FEAR, not the actual situation. The fear is created from the unknown of what might happen, rather than the reality of the obstacles or issues we are dealing with.

So how can we control our thoughts?



Be Aware – Become present in the moment, allow yourself to be aware of the physical changes in your body. (Increased heart rate, shallow breathing, palms of your hands becoming clammy)

Observe – Observe your reaction. What is your internal dialogue? (I can’t do this, I am not good enough, I’m not strong enough to deal with this)

Write it down – Keep a diary & write down

‘What emotions have you had throughout the day?”

“What caused these emotions?”

“What can I learn from these?”

Look at the problem in a logical way & rearrange your thoughts – While you are lost in the energy of the situation it is hard to be objective. Look at the facts not how you feel about the situation. Is there a practical solution? For example, you feel you don’t have confidence to apply for that new job. You question your ability. Will I cope? Will I be good enough? The facts of the situation are

You are good at your current role.

You have the skills they require.

SO WHY NOT YOU? Someone will get the job SO WHY NOT YOU?

As Albert Einstein quoted” We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

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