Week One

The idea has been born, it’s been documented in writing & I’ve committed to the plan.

To run 500 miles within 12 months to incorporate running into my life rather than trying to fit it in around my schedule & keep my crohn’s disease at bay.

I’ve given myself a head start by starting on Boxing Day so it’s not all about the BIG DAY (1st Jan)

My goal this week was for 20 miles.

4 miles left to achieve this morning when the first negative thoughts crept in.

I’m too tired today.

You are going to burn yourself out if you do this every week.

Will I be able to achieve my goal every week?

A whole year! Can I really sustain this?

Then as my thoughts over shadowed my play list that I had pre programmed to help with moments like this, the tiny trill rang in my ear to alert me of a text message.

This could be urgent I better read it (what an excuse to stop!)

But then the words jumped off my screen like a powerful boost of energy.

A really good pal I hadn’t spoken to for years wishing me a Happy New Year.  Suddenly it reminded my of the power of support & the person I can be capable of being. I am worthy of this commitment & we can all achieve our goals.

The power is within our minds.

To strengthen our minds can lead to great things.

So I can’t say it was the most graceful of runs or my fastest but I refocused & remembered to be in the moment. Don’t focus on the end goal or even the goal for today.

Just one foot in front of the other & be present in the now.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends, family & clients that teach me something new EVERY DAY

The journey is the achievement not the target so join me along this road & share your personal experiences through 2015.