Some great thoughts & discussions today around confidence, self esteem, & anxiety.

One in particular that reminded me of how we conceal the parts of ourselves that we don’t like, feel guilty about, or ashamed of. I like to call them our shadows.

Carl Jung, the father of modern psychology described the shadow as the unwanted parts of ourselves we have banished from consciousness because they’re not valued by ourselves, our family or our culture.

In a way these shadows hold the key to set us free, rather than a burden we should hide & conceal. We may hide them because we don’t see them as gifts, especially if these were not understood by those who conditioned us growing up.

The human consciousness is fuelled by light creating warmth, love & happiness. If we allow fear to enter in, it grips the mind like a vice extinguishing the flame allowing these shadows to dominate our lives. Deep rooted fears & beliefs that are so embedded that we start to believe these are who we are & these opinions & views shape our self esteem.

By allowing these shadows to come into the light, we can start to understand & accept who we are. Taking responsibility for the energy we give to others & the energy that we allow into our lives we bring these gifts into the light creating warmth & love for ourselves.

So why not start SHINING a light on your Shadows & start to acknowledge your authentic self rather than apologising for it.


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