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  • Guided Relaxation – MP3

    Are you feeling stressed or anxious ?
    Do you need to find a way to relax but don’t know how?

    Why not try this 15 minutes Guided Relaxation by Jo Rayner Coaching that will allow you to reconnect to your inner self and create a sense of calm and well-being whilst helping to remove any resistance you may be experiencing.

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  • Guided Meditation – MP3

    Are you feeling low and lacking in energy?
    Feeling stressed or anxious and just can’t relax?
    Would you like more confidence and feel you’ve lost your way?
    Why not try this 25 minute guided meditation from Jo Rayner Coaching that will help you reconnect to your inner wisdom, remove any limitations and manifest your deepest intentions whilst building confidence and creating a deep sense of relaxation.
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  • Free Self Assessment Tool


    This tool will help you identify

    How life looks now

    How you want life to look

    What areas you need to focus on & where to start along with some reflective questions that will enable you to create balance, happiness, success & a sense of well being in your life

    If you have any question or would like more information on how Life Coaching can help give me a ring for your FREE 30 minute phone consultation on 07754 397 859 or click here

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