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Well-being is important because as a society we use it as a tangible measure of how we are doing. The American psychologist Abraham Maslow developed a hierarchy of needs and proposed that healthy human beings have a certain number of requirements. When these needs are satisfied this brings peace contentment & self actualisation -“happiness”. For example a good job, income and house. However these are all tangible things and Maslow's scale does not deal with areas such as the quality of our relationships or how we deal with our emotions and how resilient we are to change, these factors are key to managing our current well-being.
Well-being is an important measure because it is personal to each one of us. It’s not a doctors opinion but our own interpretation of our emotions. There are many ways of measuring well-being.
I have detailed below a list of factors to consider and although it is unlikely that every part is perfect in peoples lives the more we can work upon understanding and improving these factors the better our chances of finding peace, or improving our well-being
Self Perceived Health
As we grow and get older we know that day by day we will experience different feelings.  Some days we will feel full of energy and other days we may feel exhausted. The better we feel about our health the more positive impact this has on our current well-being.
Healthy Behaviours
This is always tricky and at times we tell ourselves that “everything is okay in moderation” and at times it is. However sometimes we know that this is an excuse and in our heart we know that the less we smoke or drink and the better our diet or the more exercise we do the better this will be for our overall well-being
Mental and Physical Illness
This is important to avoid that feeling of getting on a downward spiral if we feel our mind and body are fit and well then this permeates through every area of our life filling it with positive endorphins
Social Relationships
This will vary some of us need lots of contact from friends, colleagues and family some less so however having the right amount for you will mean that you have a positive impact on your current well-being. So when we have a falling out, or get drawn into chaos or experience a painful event such as a divorce or bereavement this of course will have a negative impact on our well-being
This is important because what ever we choose to do we need to feel a sense of achievement whether it's running a business or tending the garden.
Social, Political and Environmental Factors
This covers a multitude of things but includes everything external that can impact on your well-being. A tax increase, redundancy a nightmare neighbour or a law change that affects us or our business such as Brexit. All of these are challenging because they are out of our control.
Now many of these factors are interlinked so an issue affecting our mental or physical well-being could affect our productivity or because of time pressures we stop our healthy behaviours and this impacts upon our mental & physical well-being and our social interactions.
So ensuring that we do everything we can to manage our physical, economic, social and emotional well-being gives us the best chance of a long and happy life.
Many things will happen along the way to distract us or knock us off our path so when this happens or you would like to set up a well-being plan why not consider Life Coaching.
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